All Terrian, Wheelie Bar, Powerful Engine

The Only ATV Motorized Cooler

Crazy Coolers Motorized Cooler is the most unique ATV you will find in the market. Start with the patented All-Terrain design, applying modern manufacturing with great engineering and you get Crazy Coolers. A custom cooler, 49cc commercial engine, 4 knobby wheels, solid axle, disc brakes, unique wheelie bar and you end up with a high quality Crazy Cooler. We are the manufacture with patents and trademarks, contact us with questions and ideas.  

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Unique, not confined to just smooth pavement or indoors. Portable, easy to travel, reliable, take this cooler with you everywhere. The robust all-terrain design allows you to take it on the trails, grass, gravel, snow, sand, and is it ever fun on the ice! Our goal is supply a product the exceeds your expectations.

Supported by easy customer service and a great warranty; this company is a trusted partner. Look around, watch some of the videos, and grab yours. Every Crazy Cooler brings fun, excitement and a ton of smiles.

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