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*This features page is targeted at answering questions about Crazy Coolers from engine sizes to the wheels. The quality products we choose to use in the construction make all the difference, we put build the coolers how we would want them, quality. Compare and ask questions, you will be impressed and probably surprised by our design.

Cruising on a motorized cooler is fun, but add a wheelie bar and now it's crazy fun! The ease of use makes it all hassle free - no need to mix gas and oil. The reliable 49cc engine provides the right blend of power and speed. Crazy Coolers feature a unique mounting system built into the body of our Cooler which offers secure mounting. The 48-quart cooler complete with drain and locking lid keep food and favorite beverage fresh and cool. The seating position is amazingly comfortable, so you can hop on your cooler and go have some fun. So portable you will take it everywhere. Grab yours today. Makes a great gift!


WHEELIE BAR - This is a feature that began with engineering; the bar was designed to prevent dangerous situations and evolved to a fun wheelie bar. Made super heavy duty this is now one of the most unique features on Crazy Coolers. Popping a wheelie safely allows the fun or riding a cooler to off-the-hook fun! 

ALL TERRAIN - All Terrain Tough! Crazy Coolers are designed to take a beating in all kinds of terrain.  Stable and solid on 4 knobby wheels to handle the tough stuff. No need to keep your Crazy Cooler on just smooth pavement, go exploring  across grass, gravel, sand, snow; pretty much anywhere off the beaten path. The high ground clearance and two wheel drive are additional unique designs allowing for more crazy fun.

 ENGINE - Our engine is one of the most widely produced engines in the world used in commercial applications like jack hammers. This 49cc, 4-stroke engine with special gearing for Crazy Coolers is designed to give you a strong, safe, fun, and reliable performance. It can take the abuse! The 4-stroke engine is easy to start, not loud, and the oil and gas are NOT mixed. Crazy Coolers keep it simple, reliable, and fun.


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