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Our mission is simple: to provide the best and most unique products for our customers. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to quality, and people orientated customer service. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse and purchase our products. 

Various reasons for contacting Crazy Coolers but feel comfortable you will get a timely response. We offer unique experience with customer service using real people. If you have a question on some of the products or specifications we are glad to discuss all the details with you so your happy with your purchase. Our business plan is long term, we believe if you do by the customer they will help us succeed in business. We are extremely picky on the products we choose to include in our line up, from grips to drink holder we have prototyped many and most fail the tests. The products you see listed are from the best brands and manufacturing, this is not the imitators but the originals with patents. 


If interested in joining our team as Dealer please send an email at with DEALER in the subject line. We offer several programs and all are team based as a partnership in each others success. Such a unique product draws incredible attention and selling is simply easy. Thank you for time and enjoy the new website.

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Please send us an email at and in the subject please put INTERNATIONAL. We do ship internationally but we do have to quote the shipping location as the rates change upon supply and demand. Our first choice is to ship Federal Express or Fed Ex Freight as they are the most secure.

Thank you, 

Crazy Coolers, LLC