Handlebar Upgrade Kit

    This upgrade kit is designed for those who really like to trick out their coolers, and it's perfect for those who are a little over 6' 2" tall. We love it for the "cool" factor and you will, too.

    This upgrade comes complete with all the parts, but it requires a little bit of work to make sure it fits your height. You will have to cut the steering tube just below the "T" junction with a hacksaw or other appropriate tool . But once that's done, the rest of the install is easy.

    The kit includes the steering stem which extends the handlebars up and out 4", and a cool handlebar with rise. The stem includes the proper shim and is very easy to install. Slide on the remaining parts - brakes, throttle and grips, and your cooler is super fine. This is one of our favorite upgrades and really makes your riding cooler uniquely yours.

    Kit includes:

    • Stem Rise
    • Stem Shim
    • Riser Handlebars