Video of riding coolers

Wow, this is awesome to see. Crazy Coolers didn't see this one coming but really cool. We need to get HOONIGAN vs GNARPM coolers all jacked up and have an obstacle course program.

HOONIGAN with Crazy Coolers Drifting

Combo or GNARPM and HOONIGAN, naturally all they brought to make the party was a Crazy Cooler. Reliable,strong engine, grab one and have a blast.

GNARPM baja race

Started out as a truck race and quickly switched to Crazy Coolers. Great partners to work with for Crazy Cooler fun. Watch, subscribe, and enjoy.

Crazy Coolers Wheelies

Crazy Coolers take all the fun products out there in the market and combine them for xtreme fun. From drifting to wheelies, grab yours and have a blast.

Wheelies andTricks with Crazy Coolers

Sharing some fun with Crazy Coolers, so portable you can pick them up (68lbs.) and take them everywhere.Grab yours and surprise everyone!

Burning Man Crazy Coolers

Burning man festival, riding free in the desert. Shows you how tuff and reliable these Crazy Coolers are built. Nice stunts.

Snow Riding with Crazy Coolers

No batteries here, just an incredible motorized cooler shredding the snow. This is winter drifting, too fun. Take yours everywhere, especially in the snow!

Trail Ride with Crazy Coolers, All Terrain

Video of Crazy Coolers in action. Watch motorized coolers hitting tthe trails with a Crazy Cooler, not your ordinary cooler. Riding Coolers are wild!

Speedy's Garage - the Ride

This is all about how fantastic Crazy Coolers are and how to have a blast.Watch and enjoy, then make your own story.

Speedy's Garage

Great Video on the detailed assembly of a Crazy Cooler back when we used to ship unassembled. Now the coolers are fully assembled, whew, awesome.




All Terrain so you can take your Crazy Cooler everywhere. What is the secret to riding on the beach? The cooler is DUAL rear wheel drive on a solid steel axle. Don't be limited to just pavement, take it on the snow, the sand, mud or whatever and have fun. 



What started as a bumper, became a safety attachment that evolved to a wheelie bar. Ride a wheelie safely. Incredibly fun.



This commercial 49cc 4 stroke engine works so good in all conditions. Easy maintenance, no hassle with charging a battery or mixing the oil and gas, just fill it up an go. Keeping it simple has proved very successful. Reliable, quality, and great warranty.